Tuesday, May 31, 2016

3 Things I Wished I Knew Before Moving to South Korea

Back at home in Australia, I always had my small circle of friends and family. I knew moving to a new a completely different country would not be easy and come with many struggles. I knew that and I was prepared to fight that challenge.

Ever since young I never ever really spent time with my family. Being in a typical Asian household, my parents ran a Chinese Restaurant for over 10 years in Australia, leaving little to no time for family bonding. The only "family bonding" that I have experienced is helping out at the restaurant and eating out at yumcha during birthdays and christmas and other special holidays. So I thought moving away from home and being absent in their presence would be something I would be able to handle compared to most people.

However, there were things that I discovered since moving to Korea that I wished I knew prior so that I wouldn't be giving myself such as hard time and going through these I guess we'll just call it "side effects" from moving away from home to an unknown and completely new country.

1. Fighting Loneliness
I will never forget the day I left. My best friend saw me just before I left to the airport and she was in tears. I was stricken in shock and tears because I never realised just how much I was loved by her.. Like I knew but it wasn't until that day did I realise just how much of an importance I was.

Now 3 months in, we still talk almost every single day and I feel lonely that I am not able to see her or have proper girl dates. Everytime I go shopping or just go out, I always wished she was with me and when I see other girls in the street with their girlfriends linking arms and giggling, it makes me envious and sad all at once.

Also, meeting my boyfriend's family and spending time with them made me realise just how much I missed home. I'm very fortunate and grateful that they look after me and take me in as another daughter in the family. However, whenever I see my boyfriend and his siblings interact and playfully fight with one another and tell stories and laugh with their parents during dinner, deep deep down I felt lonely and longed for my own family too. Although they treat me just like their own daughter, it's still not 100% the same you know?

Which leads us to the next topic.

2. You'll Feel Guilty
Well for me at least I think moving abroad is kind of like a selfish thing to do. At the time I did not realise it but after being away for 3 months now, I feel extremely guilty and sad despite my initial excitement.

When my best friend got her first real job, she sent me a msg and I was so happy for her. However, a part of me felt regretful that I wasn't there to celebrate with her. When she told me news that her sister was admitted in hospital, I wasn't there to comfort her or able to lend her a shoulder.

My parents also recently just retired and they always send me pictures when the two of them go out. It makes me happy that they retired and can finally relax and look after their health, but I feel sad at the same time because I am not there with them to enjoy the moment. I am worried sick that something will happen to them and I am unable to fly back instantly.

At first I thought living abroad would be a wonderful things. I would get to travel, meet new friends and build on my career in a new country. I thought I would be living the dream of my life, but really I'm not making anyone happy except myself.

I was so caught up with being happy that I totally and obliviously looked past the pain in my parents eyes. The day they sent me off at the airport, we all shed tears because the reality of me traveling to an unknown country to them essentially scared the shit out of them. That they would not be able to see me for the year, would not be able to look after me if I was sick and just yeah.. As I crossed the security checks with tears still running down my face, and seeing their faces disappear as I walk through made me realise how loved I was despite the fact that I never spent much time with them. Which made me feel worse and all choked up that I would be gone.

3. Language Barrier
Although I knew language would be a huge challenge it was not what I expected.

Fitting in and trying to make new friends was also much harder than I thought. I still have yet made friends who I can sit-down-and-have-a-deep-conversation with. Since I do not live in Seoul, I have not met anyone who can speak fluent English here in Daejeon. The primary language is of course, Korean, and although I am taking classes to learn, it is still very difficult for me to communicate with others. I can speak enough to get my way around and survive (at least I think so) but there are a lot and I mean a lot of times where I want to say something but don't know how to. For example, when I meet the bfs family, there's a lot I want to say but it is hard for me to say what I want in Korean. I try my best (and by that I mean broken Korean, probably equivalent to a toddler) and thankfully they understand me.

When I go shopping, I don't know why but every time I enter into a store, the staff literally tails me and watch my every single move. They ask me what I'm looking for or if they can help and I'm literally just like staring at them with a blank face and then shaking my head indicating "no".

Getting lost and catching buses is a nightmare. Not being able to ask for directions properly let alone understanding what they say, now that's just another story that I don't want to get into.

TIP: Google Maps will be your bestest friend. But since I am terrible with directions and reading maps this does not suffice..

Of course there are more things to be mentioned but this is just my top 3 that I want to share as of now. I know moving to a new country is a scary thing, so I just want to share my own personal experience and let everyone who may be in a similar situation know that you are definately not alone in this. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stay Strong ♥


For those who are going through some struggles 
or perhaps are having a hard day, 
I just want to say you are NEVER alone! 

Always stay strong and positive. 
Always have faith in yourself.
And always love yourself.

As you are precious and well cherished.

In life, there will always be challenges. 
Just take it slow and steady;
and for every step you take, 
you are one step closer to reaching happiness.  

Never lose hope, never give up.

Monday, February 2, 2015

South Korea! ❤️

Currently it's day-19 out of 30 in Korea, and as I am writing this, I am waiting to board a plane from Jeju to Busan~

Having a month to travel around the country has definitely taken a toll on my energy and I feel as if I have lost a few years of my life dragging 10kg+ luggages around >.<  Nonetheless, this has been the most amazing venture I have ever experienced. 

Throughout the past 2 weeks, my friends and I have travelled around and experienced what it's like to live in Korea. We trekked and went to sightsee many beautiful attractions around the country, with many more still to come. 

As I only have 15mins to spare before I board the plane to our next destination, I will just quickly show you guys pictures of some of the places we've been in Seoul :)

Cheonggyecheon River in Dongdaemun, Seoul. 

In the streets of Myeongdong :)

Received one of the best and cheapest haircut I could ever ask for! Mods Hair Salon in Hongdae
Having a blast and being silly in the Trick Eye Museum~ Think this was in Hongdae *a must visit!*

Went to explore the the cultural history of Korea 

Got to finally experience what it's like to see snow fall!! 

Went to Namsan Tower! 

..amazing view with tonnes of love locks. This is just one side~ 

..wrote my own with terrible writing cause it was terribly cold! Could not even feel my hands!! C.K ❤️

Ehwa Univeristy~ so beautiful 

Went to the Fish Markets but we left because we had no idea how to order.. Oops >.< 

Saw a Hello Kitty Cafe which we could not resist to go try!

A date in Insadong and spotted a wish tree~ 

And oh how can I forget the food~ *drools* 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Sorry for being MIA for the past 2 years~

Let's just say that a lot has happened and time has definitely without a doubt flown by so quickly. When I first started my blog, I was back in high school happily enjoying life and was pretty much spoon fed by my parents. Now, its almost the end of 2014 and I have just completed my second year of university, soon to be entering my final year in just a few months time~

Life has certainly taken a toll on things and though I may say that life as a university student is great, it sure has given me a tonne of stress. Having to deal with lack of sleep, long hours of constant commuting and eventually having my social life diminish in the air slowly was definitely not the path I wanted to walk on.. but you know what? That's life and I'm sure many people will say the same thing. There are sacrifices that must be made in order to move on. Once you become wiser and enter adulthood, you just need to learn to appreciate what you have and not take things for granted. I learnt that despite any circumstances, you should just take things head on day-by-day and learn to just 'laugh' through the pain and hardships because it is how you deal with certain situations that define who you are. Life is really too short and you never know what can happen in just a blink of an eye. So live life with no regrets and don't let any stress or anything negative bring you down because it will not only affect your own performance and emotional stability but affect those around you as well.

However, on the bright side, I have met new and wonderful people during my time at uni whom of which I will never forget and cherish. I have also suprisingly learnt a lot during the past 2 years through trial and error and feel like I am able to better understand myself as a person. Although I still have 1 more year to go, and cannot wait to graduate, I am already beginning to feel sad that my life as a student is almost over. Next year will without a doubt be another stressful and hectic year since I will be starting my internship, but it will definitely be worthwhile and an amazing experience.

So yeah, just a quick life update. As for my blog, I am unsure as how things will turn out so stay tuned!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: Neo Dali Sweet Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses

Hi hi lovelies~^^

Today I have a different type of review for you guys *drum roll* .....

The Neo Dali Brown Circle Lenses :D

Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water Content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm effect
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

I just realised that intro was a little pointless, the title, duh lol~ silly me. These are my second pair of lenses that I have ever tried, the first being the Geo Grang Grang Choco Brown lenses which I will review later and link here. I wanted to review these particular pairs first because I have worn them for much longer for me to have an overall opinion on them.

Being a worry warts, I was always really terrified about trying circle lenses. Why? Because my dad would always be like "Don't put that in your eye! No good, no good!" and "You go blind one day!" in a very asian accent XD But every time I see people wearing them I really envy how they enlarge their eyes and make them look so pretty keke

My best friend who is like an circle lens mania, was one the first person who really got me interested in them >.< hehe thank you^^

Ok enough rambling, now to the review~ I personally like these pair a lot more than the Geo Grang Grang ones because first of all, although they are both 14.2mm in diameter, the Geo one looks HUGE on me. I look like a fly or something, especially if I don't have eye makeup on a little over exaggeration? :p But these ones in particular look much more natural whilst giving me a desired enlargement :D

I always thought that because I'm such a sensitive person as in skin and body wise >.< I thought my eyes would be pretty sensitive and be dried out/irritated really fast with lenses on. However I was really surprised that I could wear these lenses for 6+ hours without experiencing any dryness or discomfort in anyway. Because I also work long hours and usually don't get home until late, when I wear my lenses I would have them on for like 9 hours or maybe more before taking them out which is not recommended!!Usually after the 7 hour mark and over, I would then be able to feel the lenses in my eyes, and feel as if my eyes are a little tired. But funnily they don't really feel dry. For me, I just feel as if there's something in my eyes and sometimes my vision will like blur a little that exact feeling when you get that sleepy booger thing in your eye XD best and most accurate way of describing it LOL but if I apply some eyedrops then my eyes would instantly be revived and feel as if I'd just freshly put them in.

The only times where I feel that my eyes are dry when I have these on, is when I have used the lenses all day and only soaked them in solution for like 6 hours or less before putting them on again the next day. When that does happen, it's usually around the 6 hour mark where I can feel that my eyes are getting a little dry and tired, but once again, if I put some eyedrops in then my eyes would be fine :) 

Colour/Design ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  
Compared to other lenses, the design of these lenses are nothing. However, they are what I expected and hope for them to be. These lenses are great for everyday wear and if you already have brown eyes then these will blend in perfectly making your eyes look as if you have naturally big pupils no one will ever notice you will have lenses on :D I gave these lenses a 5/5 rating, but if I were to deduct some points, the only thing I would mention is that when I take pictures my eyes seem to not give a glow or like reflective shine as it would without the lenses on? ahaha. It makes my eyes look somewhat matte, but maybe that's just me, I'm not really too bothered about that :3 

Like I said before, when I wear these for long hours I will not feel much discomfort! Only slight blurriness as in I feel as if there is something in my eyes in my vision after like 7+ hours. What I also really like about these ones is that about 95% of the time I would forget that I have lenses on so they are super super comfortable to wear. 

For me, I feel like these are very enlarging. Maybe its because I am still new to lenses and also the fact that I personally feel as if my eyes are a little small, but nonetheless, I really like the effect if gives me. Anything larger is a no no for now XD


Thursday, October 4, 2012

YesStyle Haul #2

Okay so this haul was done a long, long time ago.. like way back in July~ I just totally forgot that I would continue to do haul posts until the other day >.< hehe oops. I hope you guys like it, well at least find them helpful in anyway, so you get an idea on what you will expect to get if you purchase the same items. 

This 2nd haul wasn't much, I only purchase 3 items. However, I have like 3 other hauls that I've also done over the past few months so I shall have them up as separate posts as well. 

 This time instead of it coming in a wrapped package, it came in a box which I thought was cute :) 


♥ PG BEAUTY Stitched Drawstring Bucket Bag ♥ 

Image Credits: YesStyle

Link: click here  

I am actually super pleased with this purchase, though it was an impulsive buy. Although I thought it was really cute, I was worried with how the colour would turn out since the images aren't always 100% true to colour due to lighting. I knew that if I got it, it would not turn out that light, but in fact be a darker yellow. *Drum rolls*... and I was right! But instead of being disappointed, I actually do like the colour more than how it was showed in the picture. It turned out to be more of a mustard type yellow~ Nonetheless, I do not mind at all because I absolutely love it^^ I was also surprised at how good the material was, I thought it would be one of those typical cheap China materials that you get from the street markets >.< But since I did purchase this back in like July and after using it nearly daily for like 3 months, the straps and the dangly thing at the end (don't know what it's called, the things that look like curtain handles XD) are starting to tear a little :( 

On the side note, I got this when it was on sale for $28.80 but if you were to purchase this now, you may need to wait for them to order one in as well as paying the full price of $35.


♥ LANEIGE Snow Crystal Dual Foundation #21 Natural


Image Credits: YesStyle

Link: click here

After seeing Bubzbeauty use this in her previous, previous, previous videos, I had always wanted to try it out. The reason being because I really liked how it gave her skin that nice glowy, dewy look and that the packaging was really cute and unique. I was going to purchase this when I went to Singapore earlier this year, but then decided not to cause I kept saying what ifs, but after reading many review for this (though it seemed to be a hit or a miss product for some people) in the end I though what the heck, why not? And since my formal was coming up at the end of the year I thought I should start to try out different foundations to see which ones photographed the best :) I won't talk much about this, since I shall do a separate review on this later and once that's up I will link it here. 


♥ NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening 

Lotion ♥ 

Image Credits: YesStyle

Link: click here

I was not going to purchase this here since if was soo much more expensive but since I had no other alternatives since it was sold out at Naruko Australia, I just purchased it for the sake of my skin. I purchased this for a whooping $32 when I could've bought it for $20.90 at Naruko Australia :( 

I forgot to take a picture of this when I received the package, but it looks exactly like how it was shown but wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve (as would how you would receive it if you were to purchase it in stores). 

Overall Rating ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Yet again, I was not disappointed with my 2nd purchase with YesStyle. Though I was a little bummed out at paying an extra $11 on my Naruko Lotion I will still give it 5 stars :) ... *le sigh* 

Will I purchase again? Yes indeed :D 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Nivea Lip Balms

Hi lovelies, I'm finally free from my finals and I am so relieved~ More time for blogging and dramas hehe^^

So today I thought I'd review something quick and easy, Nivea lip balms. I swear I have a lot of Nivea products, not only because they are my all time favorite but because it's the brand that I grew up to using because my mum used it since she was younger as well :) 

I have products ranging from their body lotions, sunscreens, makeup remover and to lip balms~ I really do love Nivea products because they're gentle enough for sensitive skin and they all have a similar distinct scent that I've grown to love. But I must say out of all the Nivea products that's I own I think my favourite product are their lip balms. 

I do have quite a few of their lip balms and so I thought I might to a little comparison of the ones that I own.

Nivea Milk & Honey

Product Description
Pamper lips and experience rich and creamy lip care with sweet, milk notes:
  • Milk – rich in all important amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Honey – contains a high amount of antioxidants and has effective healing properties
This one was one of the first ones that I purchased and I when I first used it I fell in love with it. Why? Mainly because of the scent, I used to always whip it out of my bag just to smell it keke XD It really does have the milky-honey scent to it but after using it for over a year I sometimes feel like the smell is a little too strong for my liking. This one is part of the Pure & Natural Line and it really does pamper the lips with a smooth, slightly creamy care to it. It's fairly moisturising, much more so than the Burt Bee's one, and the texture of it isn't too greasy which I like. 

Recommend: This one is good for those who have slightly dry-normal lips that want their lips to prevent from being chapped, so I do recommend this to people. If they don't mind the scent that is~

Would I Repurchase? As you can see I'm pretty much nearly done with this, so yes. I like to use this before I apply my makeup to prep my lips for tints/lipstick, and because it isn't too greasy on the lips, its perfect and won't interfere with what I will put on my lips next.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Nivea Chamomile & Calendula 

Product Description
With top notes of rosemary, citrus and bergamot, NIVEA Chamomile & Calendula protects against moisture loss whilst strengthening and soothing lips with key ingredients:
  • Chamomile – a wound-healing ingredient that leaves chapped lips wonderfully soft
  • Calendula – traditionally used to soothe and alleviate inflammation
This one is also part of the Pure & Natural Line and the reason why I bought this one was merely because I thought Chamomile would be good for the lips. To be honest, I don't really tend to reach for this one as often as all the other ones and I'm not really sure why. It is slightly similar to the Milk and Honey one but I don't think it is as moisturising and I think the texture of this one feels slightly thinner. I don't think I have the right to give much opinion on this one because I have barely used it. But I must say I would understand if most people are turned off by the scent of this one because even I was turned off by it at the beginning. But now I am ok, I sorta like it, it kinda smells like green tea with a slight sweet scent. 

Recommend: Maybe, if you really really like the smell of green tea and wouldn't mind having an average lip balm

Would I Repurchase? It is a decent lip balm, but if I were to choose then probably not

Rating: 3 stars

Nivea Hydro Care

Product Description
The innovative light formula of NIVEA Lip Care Hydro Care quickly absorbs and leaves a sensationally soft feeling on your lips.
Enriched with Pure Water and Jojoba it supports your lip’s natural moisturisation process leaving them feeling soft and smooth for longer

This one is an okay lip balm, it feels very light-weight and glides on like water. I don't have much to say about this one either. I think I had high expectations for this one because of its name 'Hydro Care'. I thought it would be very moisturising, but in all honesty I don't think so. It does give your lips hydration but too be honest I don't think it gives that much moisture compared to the other ones. But if I think about it, the product description is pretty spot on. The formula is light and once you apply it to your lips it really does absorbs quickly leaving your lips feeling soft. What I really do like about this one is the scent. It isn't too strong as compared to the rest yet it smells really nice and fresh. There's a slight scent of vanilla to it which I really like. 

Recommend: I think this would be nice for those who doesn't like those greasy/sticky feeling lip balms and or those who already have nice lips but want to put extra care to them. 

Would I Repurchase? I might actually, I like to use this after every time I brush my teeth. Sounds weird haha but yeah >.< 

Rating: 4/5 stars

Nivea Essential Care

Product Description
The moisturising formula of NIVEA Essential Care is enriched with Jojoba Oil and natural Shea Butter to effectively care for your lips and prevent them from moisture loss.

Leaves your lips soft and smooth.

This one is my favourite out of the 5. It is super moisturising and leaves a shine to the lips. Well all of them do, but still, I like this one better. It can be a little bit greasy/sticky on the lips if you apply a lot of it but I just usually apply one layer and it's fine for me. The texture of it is very nice and creamy feeling, and glides on very smoothly. It almost feels like a butter on a stick XD. Compared to the other ones I feel as if this one actually absorbs into my lips. Like the other ones do absorb into my lips as well but I feel like they just sit on my lip for a while before they do. The moisture on the lips is also a lot longer lasting than the other ones, so would be perfect for cold, dry weather conditions. The smell I really do like, it kinda smells vanilla-ish. No? I'm not too sure but it has a slight sweet scent to it but not too overpowering. I believe this one is also the original, so that may be why I like this one the best. Original products tend to always be the best ones, or the ones people always come back to.

Recommend: Yes, I highly recommend this one for everyone, especially for those who have really dry lips, it will work wonders 

Would I Repurchase? Yes, I think I have to say this is my HG lip care product. I use this daily and always have this one on me at all times. 

Rating: 5/5 stars

Nivea Soft Rose 

Product Description
NIVEA Soft Rose Lip balm is perfect for any day & any time when lips need some TLC, an essential to help protect & nourish your lips.

Treat yourself to a velvety soft lip feeling with a subtle rose sheen & scent, so you can express life moments any day & any time in every kind of way.

This one is the newest addition to my collection. I believe this was only released not too long ago, but you never know, probably is just Australia since we always get everything last. I wasn't in need of a new lip balm since I already have a lot but as soon as I saw it sitting on the shelves in the shops I feel as if it was like calling out for me so I just had to get it lol. It was the colour I swear, I mean look, its pink!  Even the actual balm is pink! When I first got it I was so excited~ I mean the Milk & Honey and Chamomile & Calendula balms were coloured as well but this one was much more attractive looking hehe^^ The smell I was hoping for it to smell like roses, but it doesn't really. Maybe just a slight hint but it definitely smells like vanilla again. I don't know why but all Nivea lip balms all have a sweet scent to it. Compared to all the other ones the finish of this one is actually velvety and smooth. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not since I prefer lip balms that have a moisture-like feel to it. It does leave you lips feeling soft but I don't think there is any colour to it at all, well it doesn't show up on my lips anyway. This is a nice addition but I have to use it more for me to give my final verdict, but so far I like it :) 

Recommend: If you like a smooth, velvety finish

Would I Repurchase? Still not sure about that yet, maybe

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hey guys! Thank you for those who actually follow my blog I really appreciate it! But sorry for not updating frequently, it's the most stressful time of the year for me right now.. I have my QCS finals coming up in about 2 weeks and have major assignments and orals to complete, as well as preparing for upcoming exams! T.T

Only 4 more weeks of this term and 11 more weeks left of high school~ I promise I will have more exciting reviews and posts coming up soon so please wait for me^^

And for those of you who are in the midst of preparing for exams, hwaiting! 加油! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dollywink VS Kiss Me Liquid Liner

I'm sure you guys have heard of the oh-so-famous Dollywink Liquid Liner, but today I was thinking of doing a comparison between the Dollywink and Kiss Me liquid liners since I love them both!

I first bought the Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (phew! such a long name >.<) around a year ago and absolutely
loved it! I loved it so much that when I went back to Malaysia this Easter holidays I bought myself another one. But I totally forgot that at the back of my drawers I had the Koji Dollywink Liquid Liner that my brother's gf bought me when she went to Japan~ After testing out both of them I must say that the two are almost identical!

The packaging of both is exactly the same, except for the design and colour. The Kiss Me one is a like a wine red, maroon colour all over with gold cursive writing (but you can't see it here since the writing has all been rubbed off) and the Dollywink one is in a gorgeous baby pink colour with purple polka dots and a black cap. 

If I were to choose based on the just appearance, I must say Dollywink wins here, anything pink and polka dots can easily win me over!^^ hehe

Both eyeliners have a 0.1mm ultra thin tip, making it easy for precise application. In the picture the Kiss Me liner tip might look a little longer than the Dollywink one but in real life they're pretty much the same. Must've been the angle of the picture. 

Below are swatches of both liners on bare skin and after being rubbed gently with water

As you can see, the Dollywink liner is a little more durable when it comes to being more long lasting or not. But you can also see that they both left smudges after getting wet. 

But don't be tricked! On the eyes they are literally budge-proof! They do not smudge (maybe unless you like cried excessively or something) and are both pretty pigmented. I wore them from day till night and they did not budge whatsoever. But at the end of the night I noticed that the Kiss Me liner started to like crackle off a bit? Not sure how to explain it cause its not like they peel off or anything. Same with the Dollywink one but isn't as bad as the Kiss Me one. Not all of the liner comes off but just parts of it, but thats ok. Maybe fade might be a better word to use...  But then again it could be just my eye since I'm like an in between of a monolid and double lid. I have a crease but its not as defined as a double lidder and where I put my liner, most of it folds under my eye :( Boo.

Overall Opinion 
More or less I think if I were to choose only ONE I think I might go for the Dollywink one since it is a little tiny weeny bit blacker than the Kiss Me one and is a little more longer lasting, but overall both is still really good. Both liners can draw either a really thin line or you can build them both up for a thicker and dramatic look. And since they both have an ultra thin tip, you can extend your liner out in your inner tear duct creating a little triangle very easily if that's what you like.

I can't remember how much they both retail for, but on Sasa the Dollywink one retails for $13.50 and the Kiss Me one retails for $11.90 so not a bad price!

Note, the Kiss Me eyeliner that I am using here is the old version. My second one that I bought from Malaysia is the upgraded one and looks like this:

The new and improved formula is supposedly 130% more pigmented and the durability is more longer lasting than the previous one. By the sounds of this, it might in fact be just as good as the Dollywink one! Can't wait to try this :) In Malaysia it retailed for RM49.90.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

YesStyle Haul #1

Hey guys, sorry for being MIA lately! I was super busy with school since I my assessments and finals for this term were due not too long ago, but I'm back now!

I've recently bought some new products and hopefully I will do reviews after I have tried them out for longer~ In the meantime I have absolutely been spending way too much money for my own good and I blame YesStyle for it >.< I just couldn't help myself! 

This was my first ever purchase with YesStyle even though I had an account with them for a good few months, so I thought I'd show you guys what my little haul consisted of :) 

I will post links of the items that I purchased, so if you guys are interested you can just check them out. I won't make any promises, but just a warning that they might be out of stock by now. Not too sure? 

The package was HUGE, my mum was like "how much did you buy?!" hehehe

They double sealed it :)


♥ Ruffle-Trim Dotted Chiffon Blouse ♥ 

Image Credits: YesStyle

No longer available 


♥ Peter Pan-Collar Sleeveless Dotted Blouse ♥ 

Image Credits: YesStyle


♥ Pocket Accent Colour-Block Sweater ♥ 

Image Credits: YesStyle

No longer available 

And how nice of them, they gifted me a Touch Screen Stylus :)

Overall Rating ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
I originally bought 4 items, but one of my items got defected by the team after it was shipped from their warehouse. I was so sad because it was the one item I was most looking forward to :( But that's alright, YesStyle apologized and gave me a full refund of that item within 3 business days! So fast and great service! 

The quality of the clothes were actually alot better than I expected! I was very pleased with my purchase. It was pretty true to colour as well but the Colour-Block Sweater turned out to much more orange than shown in the picture (most likely due to the lighting). Also the measurements listed on the site was very accurate. All these were free-size and it fit me fine, though it would've been a bit better if it was slighter smaller but that's okay~ It was to be expected anyway cause I am short.. All my clothes hardly ever fit me perfectly..

Will I purchase again? Yes, I already have :) Shall post up next haul soon!