Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review: Shiseido Pureness

I got back from work at around 10:00pm and spent the past hour or so editing my blog. Now that I think it is decent looking enough I can sit back and relax and finally do some more blogging. That is if I don't slack off, but I promise I shall do my best :)

So as I am typing it is past midnight and I am supposed to be in bed at this instance because I have to work yet again tomorrow. But instead I am going to do a review for you guys. A beauty review I guess you can call it.

Shiseido Pureness Skincare

Shiseido is a brand made in Japan, and are available in most countries. It is a very well know brand that contains products from skincare to makeup to suncare (and I believe they even carry fragrances). But I have been told that in Japan it isn't really considered as a high end product. Its just one of those brands that can be found in the local drugstores and are much cheaper! But in Australia, that's not the same and it probably isn't in most countries too. Shiseido is what you can say a high end brand. In Australia, you can only find them in big companies such as Myer and David Jones in their little stalls along with other high end brands.

I believe there are five different lines in the Shiseido skincare.
- Future Solution
- White Lucent
- The Skincare
- Benefiance
- Pureness
 But it seems to be 2 new ones on their website. Revital and Bio-Performance.

Okay, so while I was on the search of a new skincare routine a very nice lady at the store came up to me and asked if I needed any help. After I told her what I was looking for she recommended me to use the Shiseido Pureness line. She grabbed the Shiseido 1-2-3 Step Pack for me and told me that since I have an oily t-zone this will help control my oil levels and help me with some of the blemishes on my forehead. She was very convincing, and within minutes she even convinced my mum. Now that's something that is very hard to do when it comes to skincare.

Just to let you guys know, I have combinatione skin. Oily T-Zone and dry cheeks. But to add to that I have super sensitive skin so I am extra careful when it comes to skincare. I must say I invest in quite a lot on skincare for someone my age, but what can I say.. its not that I want to, I just can't use those drugstore products. They just irritate the heck out of my skin and leave me with red, itchy, bumpy skin. Its terrible I know..

Deep Foaming Cleanser - $48: The Shiseido Deep Foaming Cleanser is amazing. It's quite gentle on the skin but it has these tiny blue microbeads to it. You can most probably find other cleansers that are much more gentle for sensitive skin, but this doesn't irritate my skin! So thumbs up. When I use this I wet my hands and face then squeeze a small pea size amount on my hands and rub them together to get it extra foamy. Then gently rub it against your skin. After I cleanse my face, it feels very.. I don't know.. tight? Is that the right word? But I could feel that my face was definitely squeaky clean and absorbed all the oil. After about a week or two of using the cleanser, my face didn't feel tight after I washed y face. I can say that it definitely controlled my oil levels because I have lesser pimples on my forehead (:

Balancing Softener - $52: The Balancing Softener that I have is in a bottle that is slightly smaller than the full size, minus the pump. I'm actually not that sure what the difference between a softener and a toner is, but this softener is suppose to help bring out new radiance, softens, and balances blemish-prone skin. It's also alcohol-free so it won't dry out my skin. I use a cotton pad and swipe it all over my face. It feels so refreshing after using this and after I moisturise, my skin feels baby soft! I love it :)

Matifying Moisturizer - $61: And lastly, the Matifying Moisturiser is an oil-free moisturiser that won't clog your pores and is suppose to help reduce surface shine. The consistency is somewhat gel like but is slightly more watery. When you apply it on your skin it feels very light and absorbs really quickly. It also has a matte finish. I get about a pea size amount and dot it on my cheeks, forehead, nose, upper lip and chin and then gently rub it in. So far this is my favourite moisturiser that I have tried, but most expensive.. But it okay, I am willing to pay this much to have good skin. And also, what I love about this moisturiser is that it doesn't break me out or make me oily! YAY. But in humid weather I will have to blot my skin about once a day.

After the first use I won't say that you would be able to see any improvement, but my skin felt so good and extremely soft! Never felt this good since adolescence started LOL. And I didn't react to it! So thats a plus. After a few weeks/a month of using it, most of my blemishes slowly started to reduce and now after 3 months of using the Shiseido Pureness line I have noticed a huge improvement on my skin. It looks and feels much better than it used to. But every now and then I would still get the occasional pimple, but that's okay. Although 3 months may seem like a long time, you can't expect to use a product for a week or so and see instant results. Your skin needs to get used to the change. But I'm not saying ALL products are like that.

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