Sunday, April 29, 2012

Secrets and Tips On How to Look Like An Ulzzang

In this post I'm going to let you guys in on some tips and secrets on how to get the Ulzzang look~ The key feature in every ulzzang makeup is to look natural yet cute/innocent. I'm no ulzzang myself and nor do I plan to become one but have you ever noticed how pretty and gorgeous ulzzang's are? Even the male ones too! :3

If you want to achieve that look here's some tips on how to do so. 

Step One
Circle lenses are essential if you want to achieve that ulzzang look. Whether you naturally have big eyes or not, most ulzzangs enhance their eyes with circle lenses to give their eyes an innocent, cute, dolly-ish look. Brands such as Geo, Neo are just some of the most well known brands made in Korea. It gives your eyes that extra pop of colour and inner cuteness :3  

Colours such as neutral browns, black and greys are most common among ulzzangs~ 

Step Two
You may have noticed that the number one most important thing that an ulzzang all have in common is their flawless skin. I don't know how they do it, but Korean's in general always have beautiful, soft looking, flawless skin. It's probably the power of makeup and BB Creams but still, to look after your skin is a must! I read somewhere that the average Korean women applies around 15-20 products to their face everyday before leaving their house! However, if you are like me and need to cover some redness or even out your skin tone then apply some BB Cream. Depending on which one you choose to use, it can either give you a dewy or matte finish. Dewy finishes are the most common as it gives your face that healthy glow. 

Step Three
Highlight. Ever noticed how ulzzangs look like they have a tall nose bridge? 99.9% of the time is that they highlight their nose to give it that illusion. If you haven't noticed but most asians tend to have a lower nose bridge compared to non-asians. I don't know why that is but that's just how it is. So not only do ulzzangs tend to highlight their nose bridge with a sheer white colour but majority of asians do this as well as it makes your nose look more lenient and elegant. Other features that are also highlighted are the middle of the forehead, top of you cheeks, the cupid's bow and your chin.

Also to give the eyes that extra pop of colour and to open up the eyes more, ulzzangs use a shimmering pearl shadow stick and apply it along under their eyes as well as the inner tear duct. 

Step Four
In my opinion the eyebrows are one the most prominent features of the face. Not only does it shape your face, but with an un-groomed brow it can make you look tired, dull or even sad. And no one wants that, right? Majority of Koreans have straight, thick brows and the reason being is that it makes you appear younger looking as well as innocent. 

Step Five
Apply eyeliner and extending it out slightly only on the top lids to create a natural look. But if you like a smokier eye you can apply it on your bottom lashes as well and connect it to the top liner, this will elongate your eyes. For an even more natural look, apply your eyeliner as thin as possible and use brown eye shadow to lightly wing out your liner as well as smoke out the edges. 

Step Six
Apply mascara and natural looking lashes (if you need them). Very self explanatory :3

Step Seven
Blush blush blush~ Whether its rosy, pink, or orange alot of ulzzangs use blush to give them an even more innocent look. 

Step Eight
And lastly, ever notice how in kdramas the females always have pretty lips? They don't look like they are wearing any lipstick so you assume it is their natural lip colour. But the secret is Lip Tints! Not only does it look super natural but is long lasting. And to top it off you can add some clear gloss on top~ 

And there you have it~ Also if you have awesome photoshop skills then throw them in! But if you're like me and am completely clueless, use Instagram! kekeke :3  

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: L'egere White Multi BB Cream

I know, forgive me, I am horrible at updating my blog.. >.<

I was actually debating whether or not I should delete my blog cause you know I hardly ever have the time to post new stuff for you guys, and also I doubt not many people know about my blog. Let alone read it. But I figured what the heck, it doesn't really matter if people know about my blog or not. If the reviews I give are helpful in any way then I might as well keep doing it.

So in this post, I've decided to do a review on the L'egere White Multi BB Cream. Before I purchase anything I always do some research and read a whole bunch of reviews before making any decisions. I was absolutely curious about the L'egere BB Cream but when I was trying to find reviews on it, there wasn't a whole lot. It took me weeks before I decided what the heck, I might as well give it a try.

So what can I say, I am absolutely glad that I bought this. This stuff is amazing~ This is the first BB Cream I have ever used and I must say I am impressed. Once applied and blended in well, you can't tell you have anything on whatsoever. It just looks like you skin, but better.

♥ Product Description
L'EGERE White multi BB Cream having then characteristics in one product. Including 6 major maintenances: White, blemish, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, repair and 4 major modification: polish, concealer, isolation and balancing sebum. This product combines the function of cream, sunscreen and liquid foundation, so this product could modify pores, pock, dark circles and other flaws. It is easy for maintenance in a bottle and show the nude makeup.

♥ How To Use 
It can use as two types of makeup: 
Natural light nude makeup: After basic maintenance, apply the sunscreen lotion first, then evenly apply this product on the whole face. Take a small amount especially apply on large pores, pock area and eyes dull area by using tap method to modify. 
Perfect looking: After maintenance, apply the sunscreen lotion first, then evenly apply this product on the whole face. Take a small amount especially apply on large pores, pock area and eyes dull area by using tap method to modify. Then, use the liquid foundation in order it is perfectly fit on your face. 

♥ Suitable
For all skin types 

~Swatches ~

I like how it comes in a squeeze tube because you are able to then control exactly how much you want. It might be a bit alarming when you first squeeze it out because it comes out as a very, very dark colour. But trust me, once blended out it oxidizes to match your skin tone almost perfectly. Most likely will match a NC25 and lower. The consistency is more towards the thicker consistency, but is not too thick that you are unable to blend it properly. If you do happen to have any trouble spreading it out evenly, put some on the back of your hand and warm it up before applying it to your face. That should do the trick :) 

- Light-medium coverage (looks very natural - your skin but better)
- Will cover any redness you may have and even out skin tone
- Oxidizes to match your skin better
- Decent packaging and also very hygienic
- Only need a small amount to cover your entire face
- Doesn't break me out
- Dewy-Matte finish 

- There's a light fragrance but is tolerate-able; I just prefer products that are fragrance-free 
- Not readily available in Australia
- Can be a little drying and will emphasize any dry spots if your skin in not properly moisturised beforehand

Although it does not provide a whole lot of moisture, it isn't necessarily drying either. I like how it gives a very natural finish and oxidizes to match my skin. The packaging
says it is to last '24 hours' but it does not. I would actually question the safety of the product if it does last 24hrs.. You will probably start to see it melt off your skin after around 6hrs+ but that may differ from person to person.
Note: t
hat is taking into consideration that I did not set my BB Cream with powder. 

However, if you have oily skin then I'm not so sure about the lasting power BUT I have read other reviews saying that it does have a good amount of oil control. So try it out! 

Overall Rating ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥