Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dollywink VS Kiss Me Liquid Liner

I'm sure you guys have heard of the oh-so-famous Dollywink Liquid Liner, but today I was thinking of doing a comparison between the Dollywink and Kiss Me liquid liners since I love them both!

I first bought the Kiss Me Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner (phew! such a long name >.<) around a year ago and absolutely
loved it! I loved it so much that when I went back to Malaysia this Easter holidays I bought myself another one. But I totally forgot that at the back of my drawers I had the Koji Dollywink Liquid Liner that my brother's gf bought me when she went to Japan~ After testing out both of them I must say that the two are almost identical!

The packaging of both is exactly the same, except for the design and colour. The Kiss Me one is a like a wine red, maroon colour all over with gold cursive writing (but you can't see it here since the writing has all been rubbed off) and the Dollywink one is in a gorgeous baby pink colour with purple polka dots and a black cap. 

If I were to choose based on the just appearance, I must say Dollywink wins here, anything pink and polka dots can easily win me over!^^ hehe

Both eyeliners have a 0.1mm ultra thin tip, making it easy for precise application. In the picture the Kiss Me liner tip might look a little longer than the Dollywink one but in real life they're pretty much the same. Must've been the angle of the picture. 

Below are swatches of both liners on bare skin and after being rubbed gently with water

As you can see, the Dollywink liner is a little more durable when it comes to being more long lasting or not. But you can also see that they both left smudges after getting wet. 

But don't be tricked! On the eyes they are literally budge-proof! They do not smudge (maybe unless you like cried excessively or something) and are both pretty pigmented. I wore them from day till night and they did not budge whatsoever. But at the end of the night I noticed that the Kiss Me liner started to like crackle off a bit? Not sure how to explain it cause its not like they peel off or anything. Same with the Dollywink one but isn't as bad as the Kiss Me one. Not all of the liner comes off but just parts of it, but thats ok. Maybe fade might be a better word to use...  But then again it could be just my eye since I'm like an in between of a monolid and double lid. I have a crease but its not as defined as a double lidder and where I put my liner, most of it folds under my eye :( Boo.

Overall Opinion 
More or less I think if I were to choose only ONE I think I might go for the Dollywink one since it is a little tiny weeny bit blacker than the Kiss Me one and is a little more longer lasting, but overall both is still really good. Both liners can draw either a really thin line or you can build them both up for a thicker and dramatic look. And since they both have an ultra thin tip, you can extend your liner out in your inner tear duct creating a little triangle very easily if that's what you like.

I can't remember how much they both retail for, but on Sasa the Dollywink one retails for $13.50 and the Kiss Me one retails for $11.90 so not a bad price!

Note, the Kiss Me eyeliner that I am using here is the old version. My second one that I bought from Malaysia is the upgraded one and looks like this:

The new and improved formula is supposedly 130% more pigmented and the durability is more longer lasting than the previous one. By the sounds of this, it might in fact be just as good as the Dollywink one! Can't wait to try this :) In Malaysia it retailed for RM49.90.