Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review: Nivea Lip Balms

Hi lovelies, I'm finally free from my finals and I am so relieved~ More time for blogging and dramas hehe^^

So today I thought I'd review something quick and easy, Nivea lip balms. I swear I have a lot of Nivea products, not only because they are my all time favorite but because it's the brand that I grew up to using because my mum used it since she was younger as well :) 

I have products ranging from their body lotions, sunscreens, makeup remover and to lip balms~ I really do love Nivea products because they're gentle enough for sensitive skin and they all have a similar distinct scent that I've grown to love. But I must say out of all the Nivea products that's I own I think my favourite product are their lip balms. 

I do have quite a few of their lip balms and so I thought I might to a little comparison of the ones that I own.

Nivea Milk & Honey

Product Description
Pamper lips and experience rich and creamy lip care with sweet, milk notes:
  • Milk – rich in all important amino acids, vitamins and minerals
  • Honey – contains a high amount of antioxidants and has effective healing properties
This one was one of the first ones that I purchased and I when I first used it I fell in love with it. Why? Mainly because of the scent, I used to always whip it out of my bag just to smell it keke XD It really does have the milky-honey scent to it but after using it for over a year I sometimes feel like the smell is a little too strong for my liking. This one is part of the Pure & Natural Line and it really does pamper the lips with a smooth, slightly creamy care to it. It's fairly moisturising, much more so than the Burt Bee's one, and the texture of it isn't too greasy which I like. 

Recommend: This one is good for those who have slightly dry-normal lips that want their lips to prevent from being chapped, so I do recommend this to people. If they don't mind the scent that is~

Would I Repurchase? As you can see I'm pretty much nearly done with this, so yes. I like to use this before I apply my makeup to prep my lips for tints/lipstick, and because it isn't too greasy on the lips, its perfect and won't interfere with what I will put on my lips next.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Nivea Chamomile & Calendula 

Product Description
With top notes of rosemary, citrus and bergamot, NIVEA Chamomile & Calendula protects against moisture loss whilst strengthening and soothing lips with key ingredients:
  • Chamomile – a wound-healing ingredient that leaves chapped lips wonderfully soft
  • Calendula – traditionally used to soothe and alleviate inflammation
This one is also part of the Pure & Natural Line and the reason why I bought this one was merely because I thought Chamomile would be good for the lips. To be honest, I don't really tend to reach for this one as often as all the other ones and I'm not really sure why. It is slightly similar to the Milk and Honey one but I don't think it is as moisturising and I think the texture of this one feels slightly thinner. I don't think I have the right to give much opinion on this one because I have barely used it. But I must say I would understand if most people are turned off by the scent of this one because even I was turned off by it at the beginning. But now I am ok, I sorta like it, it kinda smells like green tea with a slight sweet scent. 

Recommend: Maybe, if you really really like the smell of green tea and wouldn't mind having an average lip balm

Would I Repurchase? It is a decent lip balm, but if I were to choose then probably not

Rating: 3 stars

Nivea Hydro Care

Product Description
The innovative light formula of NIVEA Lip Care Hydro Care quickly absorbs and leaves a sensationally soft feeling on your lips.
Enriched with Pure Water and Jojoba it supports your lip’s natural moisturisation process leaving them feeling soft and smooth for longer

This one is an okay lip balm, it feels very light-weight and glides on like water. I don't have much to say about this one either. I think I had high expectations for this one because of its name 'Hydro Care'. I thought it would be very moisturising, but in all honesty I don't think so. It does give your lips hydration but too be honest I don't think it gives that much moisture compared to the other ones. But if I think about it, the product description is pretty spot on. The formula is light and once you apply it to your lips it really does absorbs quickly leaving your lips feeling soft. What I really do like about this one is the scent. It isn't too strong as compared to the rest yet it smells really nice and fresh. There's a slight scent of vanilla to it which I really like. 

Recommend: I think this would be nice for those who doesn't like those greasy/sticky feeling lip balms and or those who already have nice lips but want to put extra care to them. 

Would I Repurchase? I might actually, I like to use this after every time I brush my teeth. Sounds weird haha but yeah >.< 

Rating: 4/5 stars

Nivea Essential Care

Product Description
The moisturising formula of NIVEA Essential Care is enriched with Jojoba Oil and natural Shea Butter to effectively care for your lips and prevent them from moisture loss.

Leaves your lips soft and smooth.

This one is my favourite out of the 5. It is super moisturising and leaves a shine to the lips. Well all of them do, but still, I like this one better. It can be a little bit greasy/sticky on the lips if you apply a lot of it but I just usually apply one layer and it's fine for me. The texture of it is very nice and creamy feeling, and glides on very smoothly. It almost feels like a butter on a stick XD. Compared to the other ones I feel as if this one actually absorbs into my lips. Like the other ones do absorb into my lips as well but I feel like they just sit on my lip for a while before they do. The moisture on the lips is also a lot longer lasting than the other ones, so would be perfect for cold, dry weather conditions. The smell I really do like, it kinda smells vanilla-ish. No? I'm not too sure but it has a slight sweet scent to it but not too overpowering. I believe this one is also the original, so that may be why I like this one the best. Original products tend to always be the best ones, or the ones people always come back to.

Recommend: Yes, I highly recommend this one for everyone, especially for those who have really dry lips, it will work wonders 

Would I Repurchase? Yes, I think I have to say this is my HG lip care product. I use this daily and always have this one on me at all times. 

Rating: 5/5 stars

Nivea Soft Rose 

Product Description
NIVEA Soft Rose Lip balm is perfect for any day & any time when lips need some TLC, an essential to help protect & nourish your lips.

Treat yourself to a velvety soft lip feeling with a subtle rose sheen & scent, so you can express life moments any day & any time in every kind of way.

This one is the newest addition to my collection. I believe this was only released not too long ago, but you never know, probably is just Australia since we always get everything last. I wasn't in need of a new lip balm since I already have a lot but as soon as I saw it sitting on the shelves in the shops I feel as if it was like calling out for me so I just had to get it lol. It was the colour I swear, I mean look, its pink!  Even the actual balm is pink! When I first got it I was so excited~ I mean the Milk & Honey and Chamomile & Calendula balms were coloured as well but this one was much more attractive looking hehe^^ The smell I was hoping for it to smell like roses, but it doesn't really. Maybe just a slight hint but it definitely smells like vanilla again. I don't know why but all Nivea lip balms all have a sweet scent to it. Compared to all the other ones the finish of this one is actually velvety and smooth. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not since I prefer lip balms that have a moisture-like feel to it. It does leave you lips feeling soft but I don't think there is any colour to it at all, well it doesn't show up on my lips anyway. This is a nice addition but I have to use it more for me to give my final verdict, but so far I like it :) 

Recommend: If you like a smooth, velvety finish

Would I Repurchase? Still not sure about that yet, maybe

Rating: 3.5/5 stars