Thursday, October 4, 2012

YesStyle Haul #2

Okay so this haul was done a long, long time ago.. like way back in July~ I just totally forgot that I would continue to do haul posts until the other day >.< hehe oops. I hope you guys like it, well at least find them helpful in anyway, so you get an idea on what you will expect to get if you purchase the same items. 

This 2nd haul wasn't much, I only purchase 3 items. However, I have like 3 other hauls that I've also done over the past few months so I shall have them up as separate posts as well. 

 This time instead of it coming in a wrapped package, it came in a box which I thought was cute :) 


♥ PG BEAUTY Stitched Drawstring Bucket Bag ♥ 

Image Credits: YesStyle

Link: click here  

I am actually super pleased with this purchase, though it was an impulsive buy. Although I thought it was really cute, I was worried with how the colour would turn out since the images aren't always 100% true to colour due to lighting. I knew that if I got it, it would not turn out that light, but in fact be a darker yellow. *Drum rolls*... and I was right! But instead of being disappointed, I actually do like the colour more than how it was showed in the picture. It turned out to be more of a mustard type yellow~ Nonetheless, I do not mind at all because I absolutely love it^^ I was also surprised at how good the material was, I thought it would be one of those typical cheap China materials that you get from the street markets >.< But since I did purchase this back in like July and after using it nearly daily for like 3 months, the straps and the dangly thing at the end (don't know what it's called, the things that look like curtain handles XD) are starting to tear a little :( 

On the side note, I got this when it was on sale for $28.80 but if you were to purchase this now, you may need to wait for them to order one in as well as paying the full price of $35.


♥ LANEIGE Snow Crystal Dual Foundation #21 Natural


Image Credits: YesStyle

Link: click here

After seeing Bubzbeauty use this in her previous, previous, previous videos, I had always wanted to try it out. The reason being because I really liked how it gave her skin that nice glowy, dewy look and that the packaging was really cute and unique. I was going to purchase this when I went to Singapore earlier this year, but then decided not to cause I kept saying what ifs, but after reading many review for this (though it seemed to be a hit or a miss product for some people) in the end I though what the heck, why not? And since my formal was coming up at the end of the year I thought I should start to try out different foundations to see which ones photographed the best :) I won't talk much about this, since I shall do a separate review on this later and once that's up I will link it here. 


♥ NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Whitening 

Lotion ♥ 

Image Credits: YesStyle

Link: click here

I was not going to purchase this here since if was soo much more expensive but since I had no other alternatives since it was sold out at Naruko Australia, I just purchased it for the sake of my skin. I purchased this for a whooping $32 when I could've bought it for $20.90 at Naruko Australia :( 

I forgot to take a picture of this when I received the package, but it looks exactly like how it was shown but wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve (as would how you would receive it if you were to purchase it in stores). 

Overall Rating ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Yet again, I was not disappointed with my 2nd purchase with YesStyle. Though I was a little bummed out at paying an extra $11 on my Naruko Lotion I will still give it 5 stars :) ... *le sigh* 

Will I purchase again? Yes indeed :D 


  1. Waitt. Can I ask a question? xD When you got your package, you had to sign something, right? c; Do I need to be over 18 or something to sign and receive my package?

    1. Hi dear! You should be able to get your package and sign for it even if you're not over 18~ I don't think it really matters because its just like a confirmation thing that they delivered the package or something :)

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