Friday, November 23, 2012

Review: Neo Dali Sweet Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses

Hi hi lovelies~^^

Today I have a different type of review for you guys *drum roll* .....

The Neo Dali Brown Circle Lenses :D

Brand: NEO
Origin: South Korea
Water Content: 45%
Diameter: 14.2 mm effect
Base Curve: 8.6
Duration: 1 year disposable

I just realised that intro was a little pointless, the title, duh lol~ silly me. These are my second pair of lenses that I have ever tried, the first being the Geo Grang Grang Choco Brown lenses which I will review later and link here. I wanted to review these particular pairs first because I have worn them for much longer for me to have an overall opinion on them.

Being a worry warts, I was always really terrified about trying circle lenses. Why? Because my dad would always be like "Don't put that in your eye! No good, no good!" and "You go blind one day!" in a very asian accent XD But every time I see people wearing them I really envy how they enlarge their eyes and make them look so pretty keke

My best friend who is like an circle lens mania, was one the first person who really got me interested in them >.< hehe thank you^^

Ok enough rambling, now to the review~ I personally like these pair a lot more than the Geo Grang Grang ones because first of all, although they are both 14.2mm in diameter, the Geo one looks HUGE on me. I look like a fly or something, especially if I don't have eye makeup on a little over exaggeration? :p But these ones in particular look much more natural whilst giving me a desired enlargement :D

I always thought that because I'm such a sensitive person as in skin and body wise >.< I thought my eyes would be pretty sensitive and be dried out/irritated really fast with lenses on. However I was really surprised that I could wear these lenses for 6+ hours without experiencing any dryness or discomfort in anyway. Because I also work long hours and usually don't get home until late, when I wear my lenses I would have them on for like 9 hours or maybe more before taking them out which is not recommended!!Usually after the 7 hour mark and over, I would then be able to feel the lenses in my eyes, and feel as if my eyes are a little tired. But funnily they don't really feel dry. For me, I just feel as if there's something in my eyes and sometimes my vision will like blur a little that exact feeling when you get that sleepy booger thing in your eye XD best and most accurate way of describing it LOL but if I apply some eyedrops then my eyes would instantly be revived and feel as if I'd just freshly put them in.

The only times where I feel that my eyes are dry when I have these on, is when I have used the lenses all day and only soaked them in solution for like 6 hours or less before putting them on again the next day. When that does happen, it's usually around the 6 hour mark where I can feel that my eyes are getting a little dry and tired, but once again, if I put some eyedrops in then my eyes would be fine :) 

Colour/Design ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  
Compared to other lenses, the design of these lenses are nothing. However, they are what I expected and hope for them to be. These lenses are great for everyday wear and if you already have brown eyes then these will blend in perfectly making your eyes look as if you have naturally big pupils no one will ever notice you will have lenses on :D I gave these lenses a 5/5 rating, but if I were to deduct some points, the only thing I would mention is that when I take pictures my eyes seem to not give a glow or like reflective shine as it would without the lenses on? ahaha. It makes my eyes look somewhat matte, but maybe that's just me, I'm not really too bothered about that :3 

Like I said before, when I wear these for long hours I will not feel much discomfort! Only slight blurriness as in I feel as if there is something in my eyes in my vision after like 7+ hours. What I also really like about these ones is that about 95% of the time I would forget that I have lenses on so they are super super comfortable to wear. 

For me, I feel like these are very enlarging. Maybe its because I am still new to lenses and also the fact that I personally feel as if my eyes are a little small, but nonetheless, I really like the effect if gives me. Anything larger is a no no for now XD