Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Sorry for being MIA for the past 2 years~

Let's just say that a lot has happened and time has definitely without a doubt flown by so quickly. When I first started my blog, I was back in high school happily enjoying life and was pretty much spoon fed by my parents. Now, its almost the end of 2014 and I have just completed my second year of university, soon to be entering my final year in just a few months time~

Life has certainly taken a toll on things and though I may say that life as a university student is great, it sure has given me a tonne of stress. Having to deal with lack of sleep, long hours of constant commuting and eventually having my social life diminish in the air slowly was definitely not the path I wanted to walk on.. but you know what? That's life and I'm sure many people will say the same thing. There are sacrifices that must be made in order to move on. Once you become wiser and enter adulthood, you just need to learn to appreciate what you have and not take things for granted. I learnt that despite any circumstances, you should just take things head on day-by-day and learn to just 'laugh' through the pain and hardships because it is how you deal with certain situations that define who you are. Life is really too short and you never know what can happen in just a blink of an eye. So live life with no regrets and don't let any stress or anything negative bring you down because it will not only affect your own performance and emotional stability but affect those around you as well.

However, on the bright side, I have met new and wonderful people during my time at uni whom of which I will never forget and cherish. I have also suprisingly learnt a lot during the past 2 years through trial and error and feel like I am able to better understand myself as a person. Although I still have 1 more year to go, and cannot wait to graduate, I am already beginning to feel sad that my life as a student is almost over. Next year will without a doubt be another stressful and hectic year since I will be starting my internship, but it will definitely be worthwhile and an amazing experience.

So yeah, just a quick life update. As for my blog, I am unsure as how things will turn out so stay tuned!