Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stay Strong ♥


For those who are going through some struggles 
or perhaps are having a hard day, 
I just want to say you are NEVER alone! 

Always stay strong and positive. 
Always have faith in yourself.
And always love yourself.

As you are precious and well cherished.

In life, there will always be challenges. 
Just take it slow and steady;
and for every step you take, 
you are one step closer to reaching happiness.  

Never lose hope, never give up.

Monday, February 2, 2015

South Korea! ❤️

Currently it's day-19 out of 30 in Korea, and as I am writing this, I am waiting to board a plane from Jeju to Busan~

Having a month to travel around the country has definitely taken a toll on my energy and I feel as if I have lost a few years of my life dragging 10kg+ luggages around >.<  Nonetheless, this has been the most amazing venture I have ever experienced. 

Throughout the past 2 weeks, my friends and I have travelled around and experienced what it's like to live in Korea. We trekked and went to sightsee many beautiful attractions around the country, with many more still to come. 

As I only have 15mins to spare before I board the plane to our next destination, I will just quickly show you guys pictures of some of the places we've been in Seoul :)

Cheonggyecheon River in Dongdaemun, Seoul. 

In the streets of Myeongdong :)

Received one of the best and cheapest haircut I could ever ask for! Mods Hair Salon in Hongdae
Having a blast and being silly in the Trick Eye Museum~ Think this was in Hongdae *a must visit!*

Went to explore the the cultural history of Korea 

Got to finally experience what it's like to see snow fall!! 

Went to Namsan Tower! 

..amazing view with tonnes of love locks. This is just one side~ 

..wrote my own with terrible writing cause it was terribly cold! Could not even feel my hands!! C.K ❤️

Ehwa Univeristy~ so beautiful 

Went to the Fish Markets but we left because we had no idea how to order.. Oops >.< 

Saw a Hello Kitty Cafe which we could not resist to go try!

A date in Insadong and spotted a wish tree~ 

And oh how can I forget the food~ *drools*